Custoda Trust is open.

We request that everybody adheres to the lockdown rules and safety guidelines in order to play a part in helping to contain the spread of the virus. For more information on the Coronavirus and the lockdown please visit

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[eikra-vc-text-title style=”style3″ title=”Welcome to Custoda Trust”]Welcome to the website of Custoda Trust. We are an educational, training and development accredited service provider operating from a small town, Delportshoop, in the Northern Cape South Africa.[/eikra-vc-text-title]
[eikra-vc-info-box layout=”layout4″ title=”Who are we?”]Custoda Trust is a Non-Profit and Public Benefit Organisation. We are a registered and accredited training and development service provider.

Our registration details are:

Registered NPO Number: 005-283 – NPO

Accreditation Number: ETD9989

Registered Public Benefit Organisation Number: PBO: 18A 930004522[/eikra-vc-info-box]

[eikra-vc-info-box layout=”layout4″ icon=”fa fa-heart” title=”What is it we love to do?”]It is our mission to assist communities and parents to acquire a knowledge of and training in all aspects of the creation, development, management and administration of Early Childhood Care and Education and Community Development.[/eikra-vc-info-box]
[eikra-vc-info-box layout=”layout4″ icon=”fa fa-pencil” title=”Why do we do it?”]We are committed to a process by which communities can increase their personal and institutional capacity to manage and mobilise resources to produce sustainability and justly distribute improvement in family circumstances.[/eikra-vc-info-box]
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Where to find us

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