Our mission

To assist communities and parents to acquire knowledge of, and training in all aspects of the creation, development, management and administration of Early Childhood Development and Community Development.

Our vision

Custoda has a commitment to a process by which communities can increase their personal and institutional capacity to manage and mobilise resources to produce sustainability and justly distribute improvement in family circumstances.

Our values

  • The Power of Unconditional Love 

  • The Grace of Forgiveness 

  • The Beauty of Compassion 

  • The Purity of Truth 

  • The Strength of Perseverance 

  • The Discipline of Self-Control 

  • The Embrace of Acceptance 

  • The Courage of Accountability 

What we strive for

  • Have well-equipped ECD sites within walking distance for young children. (easy access)

  • Establish a healthy nutritional programme

  • Establish an awareness of recycling and make use of waste materials for ecological growth and affordability

  • Support adults and children living with HIV/ Aids and inclusivity of HIV/ Aids and/or special needs, children with disabilities

  • Build partnerships with organisation’s implementing early childhood development programmes

  • Provide training opportunities for Early Childhood Development caregivers and practitioners

  • Advocate policies and practices that create improved conditions for young children

  • Promote effective, affordable and replicable models for ECCE centres inclusive of babies

  • Support and strengthen organisation’s and communities which offer early childhood development services

  • Provide community development and skills programmes to facilitate economic growth in communities


Further Education and Training Certificate: Early Childhood Development NQF Level 4 

Higher Certificate in ECD: NQF Level 5

Life skills training for women, youth and families

Financial management and committee training


Assistance and training in small business management

Assisting communities to build their own safe, well-equipped buildings

Organisational development and project development

Conduct outcomes based assessment


Organisational development: This programme enhances the capacity and effectiveness of ECD organisations and communities surrounding the ECD organisations. It develops and sustains effective structures, systems and procedures for high quality management, and develops organisational competencies –the understanding, knowledge, skills and attitudes –appropriate to the day-to-day leadership and management of ECD organisations


Design and development of own training programmes

Outreach and aftercare programmes

Advocacy of policies and practices to continuously improve the conditions of children.

Reached 270 ECD Centres, 323 practitioners and more than 11 000 young children in the Northern Cape (directly) despite the Covid-19 pandemic